MLB trying to scrub NSFW Terry Collins, umpire dispute from Internet

Major League Baseball is trying to remove a leaked profanity-laced video of former Mets manager Terry Collins getting into a dispute with an umpire from a 2016 incident that went viral earlier this week.

Democrats said they had the right by 82 percent to 16 percent, and Independent voters split with 54 percent saying they did and 42 percent saying they didn’t.

Republicans, however, said by a margin of 81 percent to 16 percent that players did not have the right to protest. Black voters backed the players’ rights by 85 percent to 11 percent, and 67 percent of Hispanic voters said they did while 28 percent said they did not.

Trump slams NFL’s ‘disrespectful’ new national anthem policy

White voters said they had the right by 53 percent to 43 percent.

But Ohtani just kept doing his thing, albeit mostly on the West Coast, which meant hundreds of thousands if not millions of East Coast and Midwest fans didn’t get to watch, either because of a clash with sleep schedules or a general lack of awareness.

There was a thought that the All-Star Game would’ve been a great place to re-ignite Ohtani Mania. There seems to be little doubt that Ohtani would’ve found a place on the AL roster. It wouldn’t have mattered whether it was as a pitcher or as a hitter. Anything that would’ve let the greater baseball world watch his greatness unfold in prime time would’ve been great for Ohtani, the Angels and baseball.

Thompson said that fellow Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews was the first person she called after hearing that the photos were out there. Andrews had been through a similar situation when she was photographed nude through a hotel’s peephole in 2008.

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