Pirates’ Jung Ho Kang says third DUI prompted him to stop drinking

Jung Ho Kang’s third DUI prompted him to get completely sober.

The Pirates infielder said his December 2016 arrest was the final straw and that he has since stopped drinking.

Obviously, I’m not touching a drop of alcohol moving forward, Kang said Wednesday through interpreter Mark Kim, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Look, I am very open with my life and I don’t hide a lot of things, but when it comes to your physical being and intimate photos between you and your boyfriend and things that you sent to someone when you were in a long-distance relationship and in love, it is your private property, Thompson told The Athletic. So it felt — the obvious — like such an invasion. But then the depths I am still taking to get back that privacy are unbelievable. The way I equate is someone came into my home, robbed my home of all its possessions, put it out in the cul-de-sac right in front of me, and I had to buy all of it right back to put back in my house.

A reporter asked him, Winston, I’m sorry, where’s the Winston that has given us illumination and information at past press conferences? Did we do something that you’re down on us again? … We want to talk about your guys, and I’m not quite sure what you want from us to make that happen.

Naturally, the Twittersphere had plenty of thoughts on the uncomfortable situation, taking both Moss’ and the reporter’s side in the standoff.

But Kay called it what it so clearly was not: And that ball is gone! … A three-run blast!

Blast? Paul O’Neill next said, I think everybody’s shocked [it was a home run], even [left fielder] Brett Gardner. … Nobody in the ballpark thinks that one’s out.

Over the first two rounds of the U.S. Open, FOX noted how the generosity of a sponsor would limit the number of commercial breaks. Cool.

But what difference did that make when FOX kept taking us here, there, everywhere — canned features, taped interviews with swing coaches, on-camera chats between anchors and analysts, a taped close-up of 10-over Tiger Woods’ face with analysis, seriously, of what he was looking at — rather than show live golf being played in a major?

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