Randall Cobb knows change is inevitable

Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb has made it to the final year of his contract. But he plays for the Packers, so he knows nothing is guaranteed.

The odds were stacked up against me to get my bachelor’s degree. It was a surreal moment, he told the Associated Press. I kind of put it up there with the Super Bowl, neck and neck. Super Bowl probably would have been better if we’d won two in a row. It was a great moment, not only for me but for my son and my family. I’m glad I got to experience it.

The NFL paid Irvin’s tuition as part of a program that encourages players to pursue their degrees during the offseason. Irvin, who turned pro after two seasons at West Virginia, said he wanted his son to see the importance of education.

I think people made the mistake that Mike’s job was to predict what the official on the field was going to rule, and his job really was to give his opinion and his interpretation of the rules with respect to a specific play, McManus told Richard Deitsch of The Athletic. When he disagreed a number of times with the officials, I think he was unfairly maligned on social media and it became a running theme. It was a shame and I think it hurt his ability to be considered an expert in this area, which I don’t think was fair.

McManus is definitely correct that maligning Mike Carey became a running theme on social media. But if it was unfair, CBS should have stuck with Carey through the down times and kept him on board, rather than moving on from him after the 2015 season. The reality is, Carey just wasn’t as good at his job as Mike Pereira, who was doing the same job at the same time on FOX, and CBS decided that if it couldn’t beat FOX, it was better not to compete in the officiating analysis department. Now CBS is hoping Steratore can live up to the standard Pereira has set.

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