Ravens’ Harbaugh: Safe tackling norm for most

eagles_333 coach John Harbaugh fully supports the the NFL’s new rule against using the helmet to tackle, but he believes it will only be an adjustment for a small number of teams. We already coach that way to get it out of the game,Harbaugh said. I think 95 percent of the coaches in this league coach that way, and the other 5 percent have to get on board.Under the new rule, a player will be penalized 15 yards and potentially ejected any time he lowers his head to initiate and make contact with his helmet against an opponent.

Keep moving.

The steroid he’s taking to shrink the polyps, Prednisone, still hasn’t kicked in. His sense of smell is completely gone. And breathing…yeah, Lewis can’t breathe worth a s–t.

The good news? Next month, Lewis will undergo surgery to remove the polyps. He hopes they stay away. The bad news? Even if they do, this is only one small battle of a much bigger war.

Coach Mike McCarthy, who said that procedure is likely to occur midweek, joked Monday that Matthews needs to work on his off-hand, mitt-side. That’s what the tape showed me.

The mood was light Monday, but on Saturday Matthews acknowledged that the injury, suffered on the drive by offensive lineman Lucas Patrick, could have been much more serious, as video clearly showed.

Matthews and Davante Adams were each coaching a side, with Adams taking over the game formerly organized by Jordy Nelson, who now is with the Raiders. The game continued after Matthews’s departure, with a batting practice pitcher’s net placed between the mound and the batter’s box.

It was scary, Adams said (via the Wisconsin State Journal). You hear a little crack, and I didn’t know what it was. You never want to watch something like that unfold. He didn’t seem like he was doing too bad, but I know it definitely didn’t feel good.

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